Party Decorations - A Touch That Delights

The environment-themed decor is the "touch" that enchants at a children's birthday party.

Everything has to be harmoniously matching the chosen theme. One small detail can make all the difference.

It is not uncommon to hear from people when they receive a quote or quote to hire ornamentation services to decorate a birthday party that they will make the decoration themselves, or who has a friend (or friend who knows how to do this activity).

This is because, for them, this seems to be a very simple task. Just inflate some balloons, gather them and spread them around the event environment, and everything will be ready, beautiful and wonderful.

However, it doesn't work exactly that way. Making decoration requires knowledge and some experience with the subject,and not always only improvisation solves.

1) How much will I spend on my decoration?

How much you will spend depends on a few factors. The most critical of these may be the size of your environment and the type of decoration you intend to make.

Searching for decorating professionals will help you have a beautiful decor within an acceptable budget.


2) Where will my decoration be made?

It is important to know if the decoration will be done indoors or in an open space, because the relationship is direct with the durability of the decoration.

Although decorators already have a lot of experience in decorative ornamentation, once you have set the mood of the decor, try to give your opinion on the specific place you want it to decorate whenever possible.

3) Who will make my decoration?

Ideally, your decoration should be made by those who understand and have experience in the subject.

Beware of adventurers, because when the decoration is ready, it is very difficult to reverse the process, because most of the time, the time of the event is very close.

When hiring services, whenever possible, look for references to who will do your ornamentation. Seeing photos of services performed or getting feedback from others helps endorse the professional or team that will do your decorating.


4) What is the best time to do my decoration?

In open air (open), the ideal is that the decoration should be performed at a time closer to the moment of the event. Sun and wind are often enemies of decorations.

If the room is closed, the decoration can be done at any time, having no problem, even if the decoration is the day before (preferably within a maximum of 24 hours prior to the start of decoration does not lose its quality).

Feel free to contact us and find out how we can make your party even more special.

- Wonder Party Studio

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