7 mistakes when planning a party

With the web flooded with blogs and websites specializing in decoration, grows the number of parents who prefer to organize the decoration of their children's birthday party on their own. However, even with a good range of inspirations and references, inexperienced parents may find it difficult to get the dream party off the ground.

Decorating may seem simple, but it takes a lot of work and being knowledgeable when planning and running a party can generate savings that ultimately pay off hiring a qualified professional. Here is a list of the main mistakes that parents make in this endeavor.

1. Wrong calculation of food and drink

Usually mothers, especially first-time mothers, have no idea how much to buy from food and beverages, let alone sweet and personalized. In order not to miss anyone, parents end up buying in excess and, consequently, spending more than they should. It is interesting to have a professional helping the family to understand the profile of the party, the guests and the necessary amount of food and drinks, so there is no waste.

2. Rent unnecessary items

The internet is a great ally for parents who decide to decorate on their own. The variety of references, however, can become a problem if the family doesn't know exactly what to use. It is common for the family to resort to parts and furniture rental companies. The lack of a consistent decoration design, however, causes many items to be discarded at the time of assembly. Every decoration starts with good planning to establish exactly what will be used.

3. Not setting a spending limit

The first topic to be discussed when planning an event should be the spending limit that the family budget entails. Once this ceiling is set, it is time to adjust the party to the family's reality.

4. Believing that assembling is easy

Time is money. Don't be fooled into thinking that decorating is a snap, which can be done just before the party starts. Small tasks take a lot of time and setting up a table is much more than putting out candy. There are several techniques involved. Mothers who want to set up their children's parties alone usually arrive late at their own parties. In this context, the help of a professional brings more tranquility to the family. For parents who want to get their hands dirty, the tip is to have the help of friends and relatives to prepare the details in advance.

5. Pay too much for urgency

Dealing with unforeseen events is part of planning an event. If experienced decorators themselves have unforeseen circumstances, imagine parents? It's some edible that runs out and you have to run into the first bakery or a forgotten candle and that at the nearby supermarket costs three times the price. Most of my students who had their children's parties stated that they always spent a lot more than planned and would have less headache if they had hired a qualified professional. Therefore, the choice of whether or not to hire a decorator should not be based solely on savings. If you really enjoy partying, great. If not, think twice because cheap can be much more expensive.

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